Topics for a youth research project

As students prepare to leave the relative safety of high school and venture into the university world, they often practice the writing skills they will need in higher education doing research. There are a variety of interesting topics that students can consider when tackling a research paper. By choosing a subject that interests them personally and by going through the research process, students can prepare themselves effectively for their writing future works.
Artistic period

Explore the works and artists of an artistic period in your research work. Choose a period of art to explore, and discover what features you identified. It gathers information on a period of classical art, such as the expressionist, or considers a contemporary option, such as the pop art movement.
Prominent historical figure
Create a work on the life and times of a historical individual who has changed the world. Select someone prominent in the story and gather information from different sources. It discusses the person’s life, as well as his contributions to the world. Explore different points of view about your choice and discuss what claims about the individual appear to be the most credible.

Contemporary cultural event
Research something relatively modern by selecting a contemporary event, such as Hurricane Katrina or the election of President Barack Obama. Explore these events by reading newspapers and magazines as well as recently published books. It considers the impact that this event has had on the social structure of the country and discusses the potential repercussions of the event.
American educational system
The way it is studied in the United States differs greatly from teaching practices in other countries. Many say that the education system in this country is not as effective as others because of the number of statistical collections that seem to indicate that American students are continually outperformed. It gathers statistical information on the success of American students compared to peers in other countries. Investigate the difference in education systems around the world and consider what elements of the American experience might have to be modified to ensure continued professional success.
Child Obesity

As more and more children fall into the category of obese, more attention has been paid to this problem, which is becoming a health epidemic. It gathers statistics on childhood obesity and investigates reasons why children are gaining pounds. It discusses the potential of the permanent impact on the health of childhood obesity. Explore potential solutions to the problem and explain the benefit of each.