Research topics for university students

There are several research topics for college students that can be taken. In the following article, some clues, tips and some lists of topics, has been given. To learn more, read on.

There is no end to the list of research topics of interest to college students. Such topics of interest can be divided and classified into different categories depending on several different aspects. In the following article, the research topics have been classified according to their origin and their academic formation.

Now, from a literary angle, essays based on this research can be presented in different ways, such as descriptive, narrative, exemplifying, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, classification and division, definition, dialectic, and history. The following are some leads to some good research paper theme ideas. Check it out.

List of research topics for university students

The following list of research topics has been classified according to the nature of the research topic and the academic field to which it belongs.

Economic Research Topics for University Students

* Commodity trade: Is this a viable concept?
* Stock Market: Is it an appropriate indicator for development?
* Economic recession: how to avoid one?
* Private lenders: good or bad?
* Promoting good saving habits
* The awareness tax on people: information and income accountability
* Socialism: Should be present in small quantities in capitalist economies?
* Mixed economies: a deposit against economic problems
* Corruption: death penalty?
* Is happiness measuring per capita more than measuring national income?
* Jack Welch philosophies: good or bad?
* The materialism and economic performance of a nation
* GDP and the credit card industry
* GDP an artificial figure in an economy that uses too many credit cards and loans
* Do not have insurance of yields: should be prohibited?
* War: a fuel of great global economic turbulence
* Black money: prison sentence
* Market share: man-centered or common-focused investors?
* Mixed economy or capitalist economy: what is better?
* Interest rates: if they depend on the monthly income?
* Credit Rating: An Excuse to Charge More Money?
* Poverty: Is there a solution?

Research policy topics for university students

* Is Obama the ideal man for the job?
* United States foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan: good or bad?
* George Bush: miserable failure?
* BRIC: What is the next superpower?
* India, United States Relations: friendly or hostile?
* Israel’s policy against terrorism: apt or cruel?
* China: the next world superpower?
* Kashmir Number: if the free Western world intervene?
* Iraq, Afghanistan War: ReasonsĀ  to Economic Recession?
* Terrorism: A product of several fanatics?
* Terrorism and Islam