Marijuana legalization pros and cons research paper

With the legalization of marijuana, the door has opened to a debate that seems to have no end. Based on this, we present 6 scientific studies: 3 in favor of legalization and 3 against, so that you can define your position in front of this new and controversial law.

On December 11, the Uruguayan Senate approved the legalization of the production, distribution and sale of marijuana, which has made us the first Latin American country to completely legalize this plant with psychoactive effects.

According to government sources, the objective of the new regulation is to snatch the market from drug cartels and prevent Uruguayans from leaning toward hard drugs. However, this law was strongly criticized by the opposition, since it is the State that assumes control and regulation of activities related to the consumption of marijuana, which would be an unconstitutional measure.

The debate allows for different opinions and can be approached from different perspectives. So, here is a list of scientific studies that demonstrate the pros and cons of using marijuana.


# 1 Smoking tobacco is less healthy than smoking marijuana, says a study from the University of California, Berkeley, not so much because of the substances it contains, but because those who smoke marijuana can not possibly consume as many cigarettes as someone who smokes tobacco.

# 2 Research from the University of Maryland revealed that smoking cannabis does not exacerbate mental problems, but rather, episodes of violence or criminal behavior are often associated with alcohol or drug use. In addition, experts from these homes also noted that marijuana can either appease or relax some mental disorders.

# 3 Harvard University, for its part, published a study where it says that frequent consumption of marijuana slows the rate of growth of cancerous tumors because THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, halves tumor growth In lung cancer.


# 1 A study at the University of Bristol revealed that cannabis use has detrimental effects on people’s memory and cognition because it contributes to the disruption of brain networks.

# 2 Duke University showed that marijuana impairs brain power. According to this study, the greater the consumption of marijuana, the lower the IQ of the people, since there is a significant deterioration in several psychological areas, such as cognitive functioning, attention and memory.

# 3 A study published by the magazine “Body and Mind” says that most consumers of “hard” drugs started with marijuana, so it is no coincidence that it is considered a gateway to the world of other psychoactive substances More harmful.