How to Write an Essay on the Industrial Revolution

A thematic essay is a specific type of essay that teachers will require you to write, usually in History classes. This type of essay requires you to understand the facts of a particular historical period, known as the subject of the essay, and to organize these facts around a hypothesis or affirmation, while answering the essay question. When you write a thematic essay on the Industrial Revolution, you need to make sure that your essay demonstrates that you understand the subject and that you can use your knowledge to answer essay questions.

Identify the theme of the essay question and write it on a piece of eraser paper. For example, in the question “the Industrial Revolution happened gradually, but at the same time quickly if one considers for how long humans had worked without the help of machines.” He identifies two of the main causes of the Industrial Revolution and how their contribution Led to the acceleration of movement, “the theme are the causes.

Write the task entrusted to the essay question, which is how you are asked to approach, debate and draw your conclusions on the subject. In the previous step example, the task is to find two causes of the Industrial Revolution and to discuss and present evidence of the influence of these causes as main instigators.

It investigates the subject and the task of the question and elaborates an affirmation or hypothesis that responds properly to both. For example, such a simple thesis as “the use of steam and the invention of the quick shuttle by John Kay in 1733 were the main causes of the Industrial Revolution.”

Begin your introduction by debating the topic of the essay question, giving the reader a background on the subject. At the end of the introduction, state your hypothesis.

Begin each paragraph below with evidence obtained during your research to support your hypothesis. Your evidence should be specific and cites reliable sources, such as historians, books, or scholarly articles. For example, for a hypothesis that the Industrial Revolution was responsible for the widespread abuse of children in England, it is necessary to show specific examples of the working conditions, pain, and suffering that children had to endure during this period. Write at least three paragraphs supporting your hypothesis.

Conclude your essay by re-establishing the initial question and your hypothesis that answers that question in an original way. For example, for the essay on the first step, you could write: “In conclusion, when it comes to the fundamental causes of the Industrial Revolution, the use of steam and the rapid shuttle demonstrate without a doubt that this movement would have evolved considerably more Slow if it were not for his presence. ” Briefly mention your strongest reasons, using a new language so it does not seem repetitive.