How to do an essay?

To make an essay, it is important to emphasize that there must be a good management of information, that is, a previous investigation.

An essay is a composition that aims to address a problem through solid arguments and reasoning, through a particular point of view. You can check or expose ideas by even persuading. It is important to emphasize that there must be good information management, that is, a previous investigation.

It consists of three parts, but not necessarily what it contains must be carried out in its entirety, since it only tries to structure the subject to be addressed.

The first part is headed by an introduction. What he seeks, is to be able to prepare and support with data what will give rise to the thesis. This can be used contextualization techniques, explain the nature of the topic, specify the variables to be developed and / or background of the subject in question. One method is to start with phrases from illustrious characters or anecdotes.

Then the thesis is formulated, which is the proposition or approach of the topic to be discussed. It can be explicit or implicit and should not necessarily be in question, since it can be written in denial or affirmation.

Once the introduction was established, I developed the development of my essay. Here we expand what was discussed in the introduction, we can make comparisons, quote and always arguing for the problem (thesis).

The reflection and ideas of what is thought of the subject must be made clear, but not for that reason the author must advance to round up the investigation.

Finally comes the conclusion. In this last step we have to summarize the points developed throughout the essay and its consequences. The results are commented on and an opinion must be presented that will clarify a final position.

One suggestion is to use for the end phrases like “By way of conclusion” or “To finalize”.