Short essay on abortion

It presented below a personal essay on abortion. To learn more about this literary genre, it is recommended to read the test concept, its parts and its characteristics.

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

In this essay we talk about when is a conscious and responsible decision.

That is, when the mother has decided on its own will not have the child within.

The abortion has always been a controversial issue and therefore current. It is always a matter of debate among the group of people who are against legalization and those who seek to decriminalization in countries where prohibited by law.

Arguments in favor of abortion

The argument used to defend the practice of abortion is claiming that the woman has an absolute right to dispose of his body.

Freedom of every person is inviolable.

Therefore, if the woman does not want to have a child even if already pregnant, the State must guarantee that right and therefore provide the necessary care to carry out the abortion.

Another aspect on this point must be related to the social question.

In countries where abortion is penalized, there is a surplus population living in poverty, and added to the health aspect caused by clandestine abortions performed in hospitals.

Therefore, allow abortion, it would, on the one hand, respect the freedom of every woman to have her body.

Another of the reasons is that the fertilized embryo in early pregnancy, not a human being yet, but a mass without personality. Therefore, when you decide to cut your life, not actually kill a person.

Arguments against abortion

On the other side of the coin, those who are against the decriminalization of abortion, said the principle to life is more important than the right of women to dispose of his body, as it comes to protecting the life of a be helpless.

In the magazine Nomad as, as indicated by Beatriz Gideon and Violet Baronets, “pro-lifers are defending their way of understanding life, their values, so their social base is a very committed and feisty social base, because it is hard to defensive, much more engaged in general favorable to abortion for whom this may be a battle and not live with that sense of wholeness. ”

Moreover, in 1951 the Congress of the American College of Surgeons said that “everyone who does a therapeutic abortion or ignores modern methods to treat complications of pregnancy or will not take the time to use them”

In other words, abortion is not a right. Rather we are facing an obligation by the mother giving birth to her son.

What position to take?

Is complex talk about taking a stand on such a sensitive subject. First and foremost is informed. The abortion will remain a subject that always generate confrontations between society as it will create a division between its detractors and defenders.

I favor just that we need a correct and honest information about this practice, and analyze the position to be taken.